Sponsored by the Jura Distillery
The Isle of Jura Fell Race

28 km, 7 mountain summits (including the Paps of Jura)
2370 m. of climbing
Craighouse, Isle of Jura
Date: Saturday 23 May 2020 10.30am start
ENTRIES OPEN: 1st to 31st Jan 2020

Race Organiser: Emily Greaves & family,
email: Emily


Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky 30-40 Anniversary

The entry fee for 2019 remains unchanged at £27. The fee is mostly used to cover costs of providing the essential radio control services and Mountain Rescue Team support, together with First Aid provision, race equipment and some of the prizes. T-shirts, "sub-n-hour" tumblers (4 hrs for men, 4hrs 45mins for women), and the generous main prizes are provided by the race sponsors (the distillery, see header).

Entries for the 2019 race will open on January 1st 2019 and will again be through the SI Entries system. Entries will be open for the whole of January.

You can see the entry list in SI Entries where it is always being updated in real time. Please visit SI Entries entry list This allows entrants to see much more quickly when they can come off the waiting list, but they do have to respond to their invite before getting timed out and the invite passing on to someone else on the list.

• Entries will not be awarded on a first come first served basis.

• Entries will be vetted. I must be sure that runners who I give an entry to are able to look after themselves when the weather is bad. I need to know that when visibility is 5m, there is driving rain and wind that a runner can navigate themselves safely around the course. What we shall be looking for is checkable results or credible experience you think are evidence you could complete the Jura safely and within the cut off times. Examples would be arduous long British fell or hill races or at least a reasonable time on a C course or harder in a 2-day mountain marathon. The admin side can also be much easier if you have done any Scottish hill races from 2005 onwards, or are a member of a British fell or hill running club. Other credible experience includes things like skyline races, ultras such as the classic Dragon's Back, UTMB, Ramsay Round (etc.), mountaineering expeditions, and so on ... use common sense - think: lost in the clag somewhere on Jura, raining, cold wind, not feeling great, aware of hypothermia - can you get back?

• I plan to start vetting entries on [date TBA].

• I envisage that email invitations to race will be sent out around the [date TBA].

• If more people have the required experience than number of places available, there will be a ballot.

• For those who do not get a place at the ballot I will run a waiting list and ask runners who are no longer able to run please inform me as soon as possible. This will enable me to give entries to those on the waiting list in good time to organise travel/accommodation on the island.

In the "good old days" local (Jura and Islay) runners were able to turn up and enter on the day. Sadly, EOD is just too difficult and time-consuming to administer now. All runners are requested to enter in advance in order to ease administration. The only and exceptional, very late entry would be if someone with a good case had contacted the organiser between entries closing and the Friday morning before the race.

At Registration all competitors will be asked to fill in the following form: