Sponsored by the Jura Distillery
The Isle of Jura Fell Race

28 km, 7 mountain summits (including the Paps of Jura)
2370 m. of climbing
Craighouse, Isle of Jura
Date: Saturday 23 May 2020 10.30am start
ENTRIES OPEN: 1st to 31st Jan 2020

Race Organiser: Emily Greaves & family,
email: Emily


Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky 30-40 Anniversary

A link to the final details for runners will be posted here a couple of weeks before the race.

Live results will be displayed here by SPORTident during the day: LIVE RESULTS

RUNNERS' FINAL DETAILS 2019 (Word version)
RUNNERS' FINAL DETAILS 2019 (pdf version)


A copy will be e-mailed to everyone on the entry list.

Craighouse, Isle of Jura; Saturday 25 May 2019.

The Jura Distillery, Craighouse.
Start time: 10:30am.

The race will be run in accordance with rules of the Scottish Hill Runners (SHR). Non-compliance with the race rules or the specific requirements of the organisers will lead to disqualification and/or a ban from future races.

The minimum age for entry will be 18 years on the the day of the race. All age categories are as on race day.


(2019: some details have changed - please check Runners' final details/SI Entries info/with organiser if not clear)

All entrants go on to a pre-selection waiting list. After entrants' experience have been checked, and depending on criteria described on the Entry Details page, they can be selected and receive an invitation to confirm their entry and pay. There is no system for substitutions. New entrants will go through the same procedure up to the closing date for entries a few days before the race. After that, and at any time, special cases can be handled on an individual basis. Entrants on any waiting list can inform the organiser that they are going to be there on the day of the race anyway. In this case, their experience will be checked, and if approved, they can go on to a reserve list which will be drawn from towards the end of registration if there are enough no-shows and the race limit would not be exceeded. They pay cash. Time before the race will be limited. There will be no entries on the day, as this has been found to create too many problems. The organiser's anticipated location and contact details during the period before the race will be in the 'final details for runners' document.


(2019: some details have changed - please check Runners' final details/SI Entries info/with organiser if not clear)

The 2018 policy is as follows.
1. If you withdraw up to 1st March, a refund of £20 will be made provided you inform the organiser by e-mail. Please do so anyway as soon as you know. (There are transaction costs both ways).
2. You may waive the refund, in which case the money will help with donations to the MRTs and the island good cause.
3. After 1st March, please inform the organiser if and when you know you will not be registering for the race. This will be vital for other runners if there is a waiting list. Refunds might still be made in exceptional cases up until 1st May.


(2019: some details have changed - please check Runners' final details/SI Entries info/with organiser if not clear)

No team fee or declaration is required. Teams of three. To be decided on aggregate times of the first three runners from the same club, at least one of whom must be a lady. There will not be separate men's and ladies' teams for prizes, but the first male and female teams will be recorded for comparison with past records. A new team record would be announced.


(2019: some details have changed - please check Runners' final details/SI Entries info/with organiser if not clear)

At the Jura Distillery between 08.00-09.45 on race day to receive race number and tags. If there is a reserve list, it will be drawn on from 09:30 onwards. ALL COMPETITORS WILL BE KIT-CHECKED BEFORE THE RACE STARTS.

(2019: From this point on, minor details have changed in most of the sections below - please check Runners' final details/SI Entries info/with organiser if not clear)

All runners must carry:
a) Whistle
b) Compass
c) Map (OS sheet 61, Jura and Colonsay 1:50 000 or Explorer 155, Jura and Scarba 1:25 000). A waterproofed, annotated colour printout of the whole course is best. Black and white copy not acceptable.
d) Emergency rations with at least 200 kCal (minimum - that's only a medium confectionery bar)
e) Garments sold as waterproof, in good condition, affording complete body protection, including an integral hood.
f) Hat and gloves - woolly hat OR buffs always OK, peaked cap OK if weather is fine.

Non-compliance with equipment requirement carries automatic disqualification from the race, and can happen at any checkpoint.

Additional clothing or survival equipment, depending on conditions, and at your discretion, may prove invaluable in case of mishap.

See the Course page for the race route and a description of the terrain. Prior reconnaissance would be very useful - but even seasoned competitors sometimes go astray in poor visibility. Checkpoints must be visited in the order stated. Runners may choose their own route between checkpoints and accurate navigation is often necessary. Checkpoints are controlled by marshals who all have radio contact with base. Race numbers must be worn to the front and must be clearly shown or given to marshals and other race officials on request. Runners will be responsible for their own registration at each checkpoint. Failure to register at a checkpoint is quickly picked up, and can lead to a rescue being initiated if further information is not forthcoming within a reasonable timespan.

Will be in attendance at strategic points on the course

A RAYNET operator accompanies the marshals at each checkpoint and provides radio communications which are linked back to central control at Craighouse. The RAYNET central operator coordinates with Race Control and Mountain Rescue to log all runners though the checkpoints so that emergencies or missing runners can be tracked as soon as possible. Marshals can then be stood down when everyone is accounted for.

Runners arriving at a checkpoint after the stated closing time (see Course) will be compulsorily retired by the marshals. All retiring runners should report to the nearest checkpoint or Mountain Rescue station (if possible), return by the safest, direct route and must report to the finish. Remember: SE leads to the road, NW to the coast and oblivion.

Will be provided only at the finish in the Distillery Cooperage. Although there are a number of lochans en route, most of the race is run at high level and the mountains are dry. Runners are strongly recommended to carry a drinking bottle and sufficient food to sustain energy over a long race period.

Trophies and/or prizes will be awarded to the first three runners, the first veterans o/40, o/50 and o/60, to both men and women, and to the winning team, along with others depending on entries. All finishers will receive a certificate and a memento of the occasion. The presentations will be made at the Distillery after the race.
We are delighted to be able to augment the prize pot with some very fine bottle-conditioned ales generously donated again this year by Islay Ales.

Islay Ales

PLEASE READ THE FINAL DETAILS DOCUMENT - THESE DETAILS ARE PROVISIONAL Accommodation on Jura is limited and usually booked in advance for Race weekend. Camping for most race competitors is at Craighouse, on the field below the Jura Hotel. There are new toilet and shower facilities at the rear of the Hotel. The hotel owners, Andy and Cath, have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years to set this all up. There will now be a fee per tent per night to contribute towards the costs of the new facilities.
The fees this year will be:

  • 1-2 person tent: £5
  • 3-4 person tent: £10
  • 5-6 person tent: £15
N.B. this is size of tent, not number of bodies you can squeeze in.
The showers might be £1 in the slot for four minutes (TBC). (The facilities will be unisex, and there is not yet a gents' urinal, so males please be considerate). Other sites on the island are also used but have no facilities. There are public toilets on the way down to the pier. A good community-owned general store is close by the camping field. The bar meals from the hotel, the catering van (not always available), café, and last but not least the table of cakes and pies in the cooperage, mean that you could even put weight on at this race.

Opening hours for the new community shop during the race - 2016 information:
Friday: 1400 to 1700.
Saturday: 1400 to 1700, or later if there is demand.
Sunday: 0900 to 1200 midday.
Monday: 0900 to 1300 then 1500 to 1700.
Please check their
website, or telephone them for more details. They welcome orders in advance.

See Travel

Organised by the Jura Hall Committee - will be held on Saturday evening.

Races for all junior age groups normally start from 11.00am. Entries on the day.

They are organised independently of the main race, usually by people on the island, and have no connection, organisationally or insurance-wise, with the main race. If information about these popular races is passed to the website, we are happy to publish it. More info will be in the FINAL DETAILS.

The designated ISLE OF JURA FELL RACE ORGANISER reserves the rights to postpone or cancel the race, to alter any part of the course, to run an alternative course in the event of bad weather (see below) and to refuse entry. His or her decision on any matter of the race must be considered final.

In the event of very bad weather, a shortened course will be run:

  • Checkpoints 1, 2 & 3: same as full course
    (Dubh Bheinn, Glas Bheinn & Aonach Bheinn).
  • Checkpoint 4A: GR495740 (east end of lochan)
  • Checkpoint 5A: GR513735 (inflow of burn into Loch an t-Siob, near boathouse)
  • Checkpoints 6 & 7: same as 7 & 8 of full course
    (Corra Bheinn and Three Arch Bridge).

Competitors should note that this is a shortened version of a previous alternative course. In bad weather it will still necessitate careful and accurate navigation.

In the event of extreme weather, an even lower level and shorter course has been devised.