Sponsored by the Jura Distillery
The Isle of Jura Fell Race

28 km, 7 mountain summits (including the Paps of Jura)
2370 m. of climbing
Craighouse, Isle of Jura
Date: Saturday 23 May 2020 10.30am start
ENTRIES OPEN: 1st to 31st Jan 2020

Race Organiser: Emily Greaves & family,
email: Emily


Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky 30-40 Anniversary

29 December 2018
Old friends of the Jura Fell Race who have passed away this year
In 2018 we have sadly said goodbye to some great friends and historical figures of the Jura Fell Race:
  Arthur Clarke (see below)
  Leo Pollard
  John Hewitt
  Jim Smith (Joint race founder)

They leave behind many fond memories in the minds of all who love this race.

28 February 2018
Arthur Clarke - an appreciation from Gwen Boardman
Hi, so much could be said about Arthur. He stayed with me for years when he came to Jura for the race. Also a few other times outwith the race too. He loved Jura and the atmosphere on the island at race times. He was always very appreciative of the welcome and input of the locals over the race week, the race marshalls of course, distillery, hotel, shop, ferry, etc. One year to say thanks he organised a whip round amongst the runners and bought a loudspeaker system for the island's community use.

Arthur was without doubt one of the most genuinely nice people you could wish to meet. One of his favorite sayings was "get on with it, life is not a rehearsal". He had a great sense of humour, was great fun, could be very mischievous at times and loved winding up and playing pranks on his fellow runners.

I believe he'd set himself a goal in the beginning that he would do the race at least 10 times, after finishing what he thought was his 10th race and was happily saying he'd never have to DO THAT again, Rachel gently reminded him that one year he hadn't actually run due to an injury so he'd have to do it at least once more.

Even when he wasn't running he still came to Jura just to enjoy the whole time with everyone and, of course, was brilliant at doing a commentary, identifying the runners as they finished.

15 February 2018
Arthur Clarke
Arthur Clarke a regular visitor to Jura for many years, both as a competitor and tourist, sadly lost his battle against his medical conditions. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at home on Wednesday 7th February. His Humanist Funeral will take place at Colwyn Bay Crematorium on Monday 19th at 11:00 hours.

We hope to publish more information on the website about Arthur's contributions to the race, and input would be welcome. Please send to Graham

29 January 2018
2018 ballot completed
The ballot is completed and invites were sent out on 29th Jan. This invitation expires after 7 days. Please inform the organiser as soon as possible if you are no longer able to run so that the next runner on the waiting list (over 100 runners long) can be invited to run.

Thank you! Emily.

5 April 2017
Sarah Wingrove is organising a return trip to Tayvallich on the late afternoon/evening of Sat 27th May. Nicol needs 12 people to make this additional crossing viable. Several people are interested, but more are needed. Please contact Sarah.

5 April 2017
A professional photographer took some photographs: Photos

A viewpoint from a Swiss competitor: words and photos.

A viewpoint from Dark Peak: the event.

16 July 2016
A new Facebook page for the Jura Fell Race will probably now take over most of the functions of this News and Notes page, and will have many other advantages.

25 June 2016

3 May 2015
Anyone up to position 180 who did not manage to pick up their certificate can have it posted out if they send an A4 SAE to the organiser at his address - which is on the sample 2014 entry form, still on the Entry Form page of this website. They will also be available at the following races: Slioch, Trotternish, 2 Inns, GWC and Ben Nevis.

There was not time at the race to print the certificates for positions 181 to 201. Please let me know if you would like one posted out. They are all now printed.

We have found four 2015 T-SHIRTS left over - 3 x M, 1 x S. Also two 2013 T-SHIRTS, 1 x M and 1 x L. First genuine claimants - going the rounds of the races mentioned above.

13 May 2015
Here is some information in e-mail form which we have just received:

From: Simon Richmond, Area Operations Manager, CalMac Ferries Limited
Just to let you know we have put extra sailings on, the details are on the web and will be diverting the sunday sailing to Port Askaig on Saturday night to allow departure from there on Sunday morning.

On 28 Apr 2015, at 12:54, Jura Community Council wrote:
Hi Simon, The Isle of Jura Fell Race organizers have just been in touch regarding the issue with lack of availability of space over the period 22nd to 25th May. (The race is on the 23rd). I think you have already been asked if there could be extra sailings at that time but I do not think there has been a clear answer?

Perhaps you could let me know in due course.
Donald Ewen, Jura Community Council

3 May 2015
Race maps on waterproof, tear-resistant paper will be available at registration. There will be enough for everyone who wants one. The suggested donation will be £1. They are based on the OS 1:50000 map, and have the controls marked.

3 May 2015
Entries which have been accepted now number 250. If you look at SI Entries, you will see an Entries Closed sign. If you still wish to submit an entry, please e-mail the organiser, and you could go on to the WAITING LIST. If you are someone very important, such as a previous winner, or a local who is used to entering on the day, you should still get an entry.

Otherwise, when someone withdraws, someone on the waiting list will get an e-mail asking them to confirm and pay. If they respond within a day or two, their name goes on the entry list.

In the last two years, everyone on the waiting list who was qualified and turned up got a race. This was largely due to almost everyone who found out they could not do the race after all e-mailing the organiser before the race and withdrawing. Remember, if you withdraw in time for someone else to take your place, you are entitled to a refund. No time limit. Last year there were approximately zero no-shows, and zero timeouts at the cut-off controls. This displays the quality of people who enter this race.

As last year, if you think you are still on the waiting list a day before the race, it could well still be worth turning up. But please e-mail the organiser first to check that you are, and would have been invited. The final entry list for registration is not printed until the day before, and there are usually last minute no-shows. If in doubt, e-mail the organiser.

17 April 2015
Would you be able to help on race day? Some of the old regulars are not available this year and there weren't enough anyway. There are a few small jobs which need to be covered before, during and after the race. Some of these jobs could even be done by a competitor, if they did not clash. There will be a list of who is allocated to each job, and a printed description of what is required.

The jobs include one more person to help at registration, kit checks, marshalling competitors into the pen and out again to the start line, handing out T-shirts to finishers, finish line timer, emergency stopwatch standby, spotter, finish line announcer (unless Jim does it again), ...

As usual, anyone offering to help with marshalling is always welcome. We never know until the night before exactly how short we are, and CP1 usually needs a few more bodies. If you are interested, we all attend a pre-race briefing in the Fire Station on Friday evening, usually at 7:30. Make yourself known to Graham beforehand if possible.

Please e-mail the organiser if you think you might be able to help. Please tell your friends!

13 March 2015
Denise Rozga, one of the great ladies of Jura, writes:
I was wondering if you could put a link to the job advert of a joint headteacher for Small Isles and Keills Primary School on Jura and Islay on the fell race page. Just trying to reach a wide range of people. You never know who might be interested. There is also a Facebook page called Perfect school: Joint Headship vacancy between two islands to promote reach.
This are the links:
Headteacher for Keills and Small Isles Schools, MyJobScotland link
Facebook link

Thanks for your help

Denise (parent council Jura)

14 July 2014
Konrad (Jura resident photographer) writes:
Jura: The Wild Island - this stunning collection of 75 photographs of the remote Scottish island George Orwell once called home is now available at a discounted pre-release price of £19.84 (price after promotion £22.95). All orders placed before 20 July 2014 will also receive £15 discount towards any of Konrad's, photographic, canvas or giclée prints. All details at www.ephotographica.co.uk. Konrad Borkowski: gallery pictures of Jura, 2014 Click for a larger image.

Konrad is donating one copy of this book and two of his fine prints for race prizes in 2015. I am asking him if he might extend the discount period indefinitely for anyone who has completed the race, but that is up to his high-powered marketing department ... Ed.

4 July 2014
EDITOR writes:
A wee thought inspired by Manny Gorman's suggestion (below) and the experience of supporting at the Celtman extreme triathlon last weekend ... oh, and also Martin Stone's infamous (his word) bike races on the Sunday after the Jura Fell Race itself some years ago:

1. A swim (fully safety supported and strict rules) from Jura Forest jetty to the pier at Craighouse. 2. Run the race route in reverse, allowing a warm up along the road. 3. Pick up bikes at Craighouse and make full use of the public road, end to end, finishing at Craighouse.

There are people out there who would love this. The Celtman competitors tend more to be great endurance swimmers, amazing cyclists, but not many are at home on the bit which runs over Ben Eighe. This could appeal more to those who have the hill-running skills.

1 June 2014
A wee note on a something well worthy of a big dram if not a Jura glass to hold it in... Deeside's Nick Mardell completed the race in around 4.40 odds, but he enjoyed it so much he ran around again, with just a quick feed in between! His second round was approx 7.45 finishing at about 12.50am hands aloft under the finishing banner!!!

Perhaps that could be set as the new Jura record - something to aim at for those who only completed the Half-Jura race!!!

18 May 2014
The rebuilt community shop, under new management, has now been open for four weeks. They may or may not have been able to stock any Ordnance Survey maps by race weekend, so please bring your own. The opening times over the race weekend will be:
Mon-Fri 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
Sat 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:30 or so
Sun 9:00 to 12:00
The guy who runs the shop is Chris.
Phone: 01496 820231
E-mail: juracommunitystore@gmail.com

10 May 2014
An attractive new book called "Wild Running: 150 great adventures on the trails and fells of Britain" by Jen and Sim Benson will be on display at the race. The writers are happy to offer a 20% discount (off £17) and free postage to anyone on my 'mailing list', i.e. anyone who has entered the race from 2011 onwards. Discount code: JURA14 at wildrunning.net. We only have the one display copy, which is not for sale.

With luck, Manny Gorman will have copies of his "The Corbett Round" for sale as well.

8 May 2014
Andy at the hotel has just called to say that there have been a couple of room cancellations for the Friday and Saturday nights. They are a double and a double/twin. Call 01496 820243 if you would like to get a late booking.
The new toilet and shower block are still not finally built - nearly there - but Hebridean building time is 2-3 times as long as real time. The hotel has again hired in toilet and shower blocks. Showers will be £2. The facility will arrive on Thursday evening and leave on Monday morning.
These facilities are expensive. There will again be no charge for camping, but all who use the field are warmly invited to donate whatever they feel it is worth to the donation box which will be at the bar. Many thanks for this, and it is our chance for us to show how much we appreciate what is laid on for us.

1 May 2014
There is a lovely new car park in the centre of Craighouse, near to the village hall, and it sports an equally lovely new sign banning campervans. It has been brought to our attention that this means what it says.
Also, please absolutely do not camp or park your camper along the shore in the village on the tempting grassy strips in front of peoples' cottages. It upsets some of them, and therefore upsets us. In the Highlands, at least where I live, the croft land (on which the croft house sits) extends to the shoreline.
It is fine to park up down by the pier and public loos, on down to the R past the hotel, which many do. The next good, and popular, area to camp or park vans is in the bay before you get to 3-Arch Bridge. That is if you are not where it is all at in the camping field by the hotel.

16 April 2014
There are about 240 entries on the published list. The pre-entry limit is 240, but on average about 40 to 50 drop out or do not turn up. If you are on the list, or have not been in e-mail correspondence because of doubtful experience, you can book your tickets with confidence. If you are not on the list (yet) you will have been e-mailed, and will know. Waiting list cheques have not been paid into the bank yet. The system worked well last year, but the published entry list will not exceed 240 names, and the absolute limit of starters is 250. Last year there were 225 starters.

1 April 2014
Which do you think would be more scandalous: (a) Always run the Jura race on the same course even though the uphill trods are now all obvious, and the normal downhill routes are becoming seriously eroded, OR (b) Restore the original adventurous and challenging nature of the race, and force different route choices to be made, by sometimes running it in the reverse direction? Yeah, get that road behind you and the field a bit spread before hitting the hills, and think of that fab 3-mile downhill to the finish. Who would you risk following?

31 March 2014
Before we went off to Kalymnos for some cragging a couple of weeks ago, there were about 240 entries on the list at home. When the hands could take no more, we came back to the sunny NW and found about another 20 deserving entry forms, nearly all of which are now also on my list, so do not fear. The pre-entry limit is 240, but on average about 40 to 50 drop out or do not turn up, so all I can say is that if you are on the list, which will be updated on this website later, you can book your tickets with confidence. If you are not on the list (yet), because of doubtful experience, you will have been e-mailed, and will know. The system worked well last year, but the published entry list will not exceed 240 names, and the absolute limit of starters is 250. Last year there were 225 starters.

21 May 2013
Don Booth, re-founder of the race in 1983, has just published a book on the history of the race from 1973 to 1992 - when he handed over as organiser. It will be on sale at the 2013 race for £10, or by mail order for £11.50.

Please contact Donald at: Donald Booth Don Booth: history of Jura Fells Race to 1992 Click for a larger image.

8 May 2013
The John Dare Memorial Shield will be awarded for an outstanding achievement in the Scottish Islands Peaks Race and the Isle of Jura Fell Race back to back. The races are normally a week apart, with the SIPR the weekend before Jura. Both have fell racing sections over the Paps of Jura, and several runners compete in both. This is the first year of this award, and the shield is retained for one year. Winners should have the next blank space inscribed with their name(s) and the year.
The John Dare Shield The John Dare Shield Click for larger image.

8 April 2013
The race organisers have been asked to help with certain issues to do with parking and camping logistics at the village of Tayvallich over the race weekend, and we are happy to assist.
There was some rufflement of feathers among the local residents in 2012 due to the places in which some users of the ferry to Jura had chosen to park their cars. There was also displeasure at some overnight camping taking place on the grass verges within the village. I have visited the village, talked to some very kind, hospitable and helpful local people, and am hoping that all who are heading off to Jura for the day, weekend, or longer will read this and stick to the recommendations. We appreciate that you might be arriving quite late, having driven for many hours. Please follow this link for useful photos and information.

11 April 2013
The general store in Craighouse is now owned by the people on the island, and has been awarded a huge development grant. The website is still under development, but you can contact them for anything you might like to know about what is in stock, or which you would like to have ordered in, at orders@juracommunitystore.co.uk.

8 April 2013
This item applies to runners from JURA and ISLAY. Do you know the whereabouts of the following trophies?

THE IAN KERR MEMORIAL TROPHY for the fastest islander.

18 June 2012
I have lots and lots of photos which folk have given me or made available for the Jura Race website. These include batches from Andie Howie, Judith Bewell, Sam Clarke, Gerry McPartlin, Edward Watson and others. Many thanks to all who have donated. So busy at the moment with computer work, moving house (to the NW Highlands) and other family things that the piccies will probably not appear until late August at the earliest. You can see Judith's on Flickr from a link which was up on the Jura 2012 forum on the FRA website. Konrad, the resident professional, also took many shots, but has been too busy with projects this summer - so that is another treat in store.

11 May 2012
A note from RAYNET:

Just a short note to let you know some of the RAYNET work that is going on in the run up to this year's fell race on Jura.

We have set up a blog that we will use to update LIVE race information throughout the day, it has links to our twitter and facebook site, all of which will carry live information, photographs, race status, leaders etc. This will be in addition to the information screen that will be running in the cooperage.

The address for the blog is: raynetjura.blogspot.co.uk
Our Twitter address is: @gcraynet
And our facebook site can be found at: www.facebook.com/gcraynet

Feel free to pass this information on via your website. It will allow interested parties to keep up to speed with the race whether they are on Jura or elsewhere in the world. We hope this will be a useful addition to the services we already provide to the race.

2 March 2012
We are very pleased to see that the fast rib direct from the mainland to Craighouse has now been funded again, with a service starting from Easter 2012. There are scheduled to be sailings AM and PM every day except Wednesdays and Sunday mornings.
Go to Jura Development Trust or the Travel page for links to this service and lots of other travel options.

2 March 2012
The website can now be updated again (by FTP) as this news item proves. The entry form is now available on the ENTRY FORM page. Thank you for the extra effort made by all who have already entered, or put the form up on their own clubs' websites.

If you missed all this, the web server chose to freeze up to being updated just moments before I was about to reveal the entry form.

19 February 2012
Entries open on 1 March. Some families, sadly, are not going to be able to make it this year with the following week not being school half term. We are hoping that some people will be able to make it who are normally prevented by other holiday-time commitments. Roll up, roll up.

I am waiting to hear from the Strathclyde Police MRT on how much their covering charge will be, but am hoping to keep the entry at £15. See below.

There will be beds and/or other space available at the Feolin Farmhouse, as last year, just a mile north of the distillery. We have it booked for eight nights from the Saturday before the race, to the Sunday morning after the race. If anyone would like to reserve a place for at least part of the week, please let the organiser know. The maximum cost pp/pn will be £20, depending on take-up.

20 January 2012
Strathclyde Police MRT have once again confirmed that they will be able to attend the Jura race in 2012, for which we are very grateful and relieved. There will be a covering charge, as last year, and when we know what it is likely to be, I shall be able to work out the entry fee for the race. Last year the fee was £15.

2 December 2011
Laurie Anderson has had the brilliant idea of organising an Easter weekend of racing and partying on Eigg in 2012. There will be a race on the Saturday, 7th April, up the Sgurr, with a ceilidh on the night, then a classic race on Sunday in the north of the island, with superb views of Rum. (Classic must mean no mountains to climb - not sure - better ask Laurie).

Laurie, who is the co-organiser of the Jura race, can be contacted at laurieanderson1@hotmail.co.uk.

Laurie has reserved a boat at approx. £30 per head return, and there will be at least two sailings, depending on demand. Accommodation in buildings is also being sorted.

Details will be in the SHR calendar - and I hope we can also get something out in the FRA calendar.

3 November 2011
A donation this year, of £500, has been made to the Gordon Wright Trust. They give assistance to island students moving on to do further education on the mainland.

16 September 2011
DVDs of the The Adventure Show featuring this year's Isle of Jura Fell Race, which was shown on BBC2 Scotland on Tuesday 9th August, may be produced by Triple Echo and would be available for sale on line, and with luck, at the 2012 race as well. More details will appear here if and when they are available. I hope those of you who starred at great length in the programme got a chance to watch it.

16 September 2011
George Broderick has kindly sent us some photos taken at the 1973 first Bens of Jura race. See the Photos section.

26 July 2011
The edition of The Adventure Show featuring this year's Isle of Jura Fell Race will be shown on BBC2 Scotland on Tuesday 9th August at 19:00. If you cannot receive BBC2 Scotland directly, it can be seen on Sky channel 990. The programme is usually on I-Player for 7 days following the broadcast. I hope you feature, and that I do not!

22 June 2011
I have had a few requests for T-shirts from people who were not able to collect one on race day, for one reason or another. If there is anyone else who did not manage to pick one up, please e-mail the organiser now, and when I have rough numbers I'll get in touch with Willie at the distillery to see if we can get some more put aside or posted out.

T-shirt provision was completely out of my control in 2011, and is one of the aspects which we shall be attempting to streamline from 2012.

Likewise, certificates. The blank certificates, for reasons beyond our control, were not available until late in the afternoon, making it all but impossible to get them filled in and distributed in time for you to pick them up. I have quite a lot which were filled in but not collected, and loads of blank ones which could still be filled in. I know that certificates and T-shirts are important, so do please get in touch if you would like yours posted out to you. Obviously, considering the amount of admin involved, it would be easier for me to give them to you or a friend next year, but don't let that deter you from requesting postage!

In 2012 I intend to pre-print the certificates, or have them sent to me in good time, before the race, leaving just the times to be filled in while finishers are crossing the line.

21 June 2011
A very kind lady called Lizzie, who was ex-mountain rescue, came forward after the marshals' meeting to marshal at CP4, where we were a couple of marshals short. We also had Jim from Raynet going there, and an unsuspecting Geoff Howard about to be volunteered. If you are out there, Lizzie, I have your T-shirt.

14 June 2011
Well, LAMM over (and another fantastic/lucky weather window, like the Jura) so time to a)write up the 2011 Jura, and b)a million and one other jobs, including nailing down all the 'helper' jobs which need to be done on the day - and when.

Huge thanks to everyone who chipped in when they could see that something needed to be done, and enabled everything to run reasonably smoothly.

7 June 2011
I have two black woolly hats and a thin blue running top with long dark sleeves. Two runners reported lost, precious GPS watches which I do not have. During the event I was handed a quite large grey square-faced watch which I put aside. After the presentations my attention was diverted by the search for a retired runner who did not report to the finish, and I have not seen the watch since. Would anyone with lost/found requests or information please contact the organiser.
".. you mentioned in forum being handed a 'square faced watch' .. was it by chance a red garmin forerunner 305 ? , it would be missing a strap as i was wearing it on a 'clip' when i fell over somewhere between CP1 & 2 .. and it became detached .. it's the wifes ! .. she would be chuffed if it was found ! Thanks Dave Watson BlackCombe Runners info@guideoutside.co.uk"

18 May 2011
The previous organiser of the very popular CHILDREN'S RACES, which took place after the main race had started, is not available this year. At least one non-racing mum (and her daughter) is very keen to help them continue. Please let us know if you too were looking forward to these races, and would like to help get them going again this year. The mum in question is Polly Gibb, and she would welcome contact by e-mail on polly@wireuk.org.

13 May 2011
Final details for runners
A link to the final details for runners is now on the Information/Regulations page.

13 May 2011
Buses from Glasgow
This information about buses has been submitted by Rob Reid (organiser of the Kintyre Way ultra and relay): As from 23rd May, the bus service from Glasgow (Citylink 926) is vastly improved, with FIVE buses each way every day (inc.Sundays) - details on citylink website, where you have to be careful to select summer timetables. And anyone who has travelled by bus in the past should be aware that the new timetable is very different to what it was up to now (faster too). Also it is advisable to book tickets (even if it's just 10 minutes before departure).

13 May 2011
Fast ferry
Nicol will be running charter boats all race weekend. These are the same boat or boats which ran the scheduled fast ferry service to Craighouse. A boat will run when full, 24/7, he says. Call Nicol on 07768450000.

8 May 2011
The entry list has now closed. There are 244 names on the list. So far, about five competitors have had to withdraw through injury or illness, and there will be others who succomb to overriding commitments or misfortune. Residents of Jura and Islay have always been allowed (locally vetted) to enter on the day, though you will already see some of them on the list. A few people, such as previous winners, would never be turned away if they suddenly found they could make it after all. So, we can be confident that our race limit of 250 runners will be adequate. Good luck to all.

6 April 2011
TV programme
There is a likelihood that the Scottish television "Adventure Show" programme will be covering the race this year. So, have your anecdotes ready, and if any competitors or others would like to pass on to the organiser any interesting background, happenings and achievements which they think the producer might like to pop into the programme - this is an open invitation. E.g. "we met in the mist between CP1 and CP2 going in opposite directions and have been happily married ever since" or "I've done this race 21 times already, and now I'm on my second time round".

30 March 2011
Accommodation in the farmhouse by Craighouse
The organiser has rented a house with accommodation for about ten people for eight nights from the Saturday before the race to the Sunday morning afterwards. So far, for all or most of the eight nights, I have myself and three other people. I would welcome anyone else wishing to stay in the house who is able to stay for the whole week. They would have first preference. From Thursday onwards, I think there are plenty of helpers and former organisers who would like to stay, but in order to defray expenses, anyone who can stay the whole course, or would like to stay up to Wednesday or Thursday, would be welcome - at about £20 per head per night. Contact the organiser a.s.a.p. please.

23 March 2011
Venture West and Islay Sea Safari operate the boats which were running the fast ferry from Tayvallich to Craighouse last year, and are offering charter boat services for the race at £22.50 per head each way. See Travel.

11 March 2011
The Strathclyde Police Mountain Rescue Team have very kindly offerred to attend the Fell Race again this year. This is in spite of severe cutbacks in finances which they, like all police forces, are currently being subjected to. It should be noted that this service must now be regarded as exceptional, and the Chief Inspector - Support Services - is generously providing 8 officers this year, at no cost for their time, in consideration of the late notice to the Race organisation. The Race will pay for the team's transport and meals, and this is what was allowed for when the entry fee went up from £12.50 to £15 this year. We look forward to welcoming Grant Little and his merry band.

6 March 2011
The initial 2011 entry list is now on the List of Entrants page.

28 Feb 2011
The 2011 entry form is now available.

28 Feb 2011
The summer CalMac timetable explains that the Islay ferries are all using Port Askaig due to works at Port Ellen. Handy for us.

28 Jan 2011
Back in November I visited Jura, just to check it was still there. It was strangely eerie wandering across the empty camping field, and around the hotel. Donald Ewen, the head marshal, introduced me (and himself) to one or two of the rarer malts over the course of an interesting evening. I presented him with a cheque for £1000 from the Race ...

28 Jan 2011
The Isle of Jura Fell Race is one of the main events of the year on the island, another one being the Music Festival. The islanders put their heart and soul into organising, sponsoring, helping, marshalling, and generally supporting this race, and one of the ways we pay them back is by making a donation to a worthy cause on the island. Last year, 2009, the donation was held over, so this year's donation was two years' worth. It went to a co-operative one of whose main tasks is maintaining the existence of the fuel pumps. You will see them by the road between the camp field and the jetty.

28 Jan 2011
2013 will be the 40th anniversary of the founding of the race in 1973 by George Broderick, and the 30th anniversary of its resurrection in 1983 by Don Booth. If you were at the race in 2010, George was a special guest, and handed out the prizes. He is very keen that a DVD of the 2013 event be produced, so there will be more news about that in due course.